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Basic Customer Service Training for UCWD employees on June 26-27, 2014. New service application, reconnection, disconnection and application for change name will be entertained on June 30, 2014. THE OFFICE IS OPEN for payment of water bills and report for any water related problems.

Meter Reading and Management System

Water meters in Urdaneta City Water District's service areas are read via Psion and Cipherlap 8300 Mobile Computer. The district is continuously looking for ways to improve our customer service while at the same time maintaining cost efficiency. Using the mobile computers, meter readers can get an information from a water meter by entering the meter reading. To automate the process, consumption is automatically computed by entering the present reading which is deducted based from the previous reading. It can produce billing notice which is given to the concessionaires once water meter is read.

With the use of Psion and Cipherlab Mobile Computers, meter readers are able to read approximately 220 water meters in 6 hours depending upon the route. Multiple routes can also be merged and completed in the same time it took to read just one route.

As part of the District's ongoing commitment to quality service, this well-proven and cost-effective technology helps the District increase productivity and reduces costs.


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